What are the benefits of anger?

Sure ,nothing and you will hurt your health.

If you ask yourself, “Why Am I Always Angry?” “Why Do I Always Feel On Edge?” Then, there may be some underlying reasons why that you may not be consciously aware of. It’s also important to deal with anger healthily before it harms you or someone you love, or even takes control of your life.

Common Anger Problems

There are many different causes and reasons for anger or even a combination of reasons. Some common causes include anxiety, depression, hurt, resentment, a lack of sleep or simply being unhappy with life. You might feel drained continuously, depleted, fatigued or have weak boundaries. Most individuals who suffer from unexplained anger are unaware of the cause as well as how to fix it.

What is the best for your health and life?

You must live happier by any simple ways in your life.