Sure, most of families miss the kindness of their kids after growing up and relatives or friends who become so rich. They forget their honest kindest their relatives or old friends.

Surely, the finance world in our life nowadays destroys some of kind relations among the human beings. Some of us become like devices without kind feelings.

Most of the kids forget the kindness and cares of their parents after they grow up. Most of the kids don’t visit their parents after growing up. If they appreciate how their parents donate their age and life to make their kids grow up in a happy life, surely, they will kiss their parents’ hands every day.

High tech affects the relations among the kids and their families nowadays, for example playing games online most of the time. Then we see the kids haven’t any kindness. After growing up, they forget their parent cares.

A study was conducted which included more than 37 cultures of the world and around 16000 subjects were asked to mention the most desirable trait that they wish to see in a mate. Regardless of the gender, the first trait was kindness, and the second preference was given to intelligence.