The power adoration is not only among presidents but also ministers, prime ministers, directors , manager and supervisors.

Is there a connection between the power adoration and mental health?

Yes, if the person stays in the power more than 4 years; he will have the power adoration quickly. The dangerous symptoms will be clear when he struggles day and night in order to stay in the power; he will be ready to destroy the closest people around him like relatives, kindest friends and his family too. He sometimes enjoys more when he destroys the dreams of the poor people or young people who struggle to find a job to live. They will doubt at everyone around. So, they don’t enjoy a good sleep or real happiness. All the time, he is so worried.

This person pretends to the people he is so fair but, in the reality, he is so dangerous criminal and he knows well he is unfair and criminal because he uses his wealth to buy the liars and criminals to protect his power.

If he thinks well that he has a serious disease is called the power adoration and his real life is miserable  and unstable, sure he will regret much because he will know that the happiest life can be only a smiled kid with a poor family is better than any power on the planet earth.