Sometimes our life will not be as we plan all the time, but suddenly we can see some of people have delusional disorder which make many troubles in their life and no happiness much time.

Let’s discuss the delusional disorder in mental health in simple information in order to make all the readers understand easily this horrible issue in our life and how to be healthy too.


It has another name is called also PARANOID DISORDER. Generally, it is a rare mental illness in which the patient presents delusions, but no prominent hallucinations, mood disorder, and thought disorder. Delusions are symptom of psychosis.

2- What are the symptoms of delusional disorder?

The patients are suffering from strong false beliefs. They have low mood, angry and irritable.

3- What is the treatment?

As we define the delusions are a mental illness , so the treatment is  in psychological therapies like psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) .The patient will attend many sessions with the psychotherapist or psychologist , then the patient will get better ; but if the psychologist finds out that the case is so chronic and the patient must be under supervising much time every day, he will refer the patient to the hospital.