I can say all the countries on planet earth suffer from sexual abuses in their societies. Although most of the countries created tough laws in order to control these serious issues; but till now the sexual abuses increase more and more. Sure, the security (The police) can’t alone control or solve these horrible problems. If we focus more and more on the roots of these problems, we will see there are many different reasons. Let’s discuss these issues in simple ways, maybe the societies around the world can decrease and control these issues soon.

What are the reasons of sexual abuse?


The most important reason is many parents can’t bring up their children good at home. Those parents are so selfish most of the time because they don’t look after their kids’ behaviour from young age. They don’t make their kids how to be polite , modest , kind and helpful with the female at any time; unfortunately some of parents teach their kids sex and give them the freedom to do sex in young age, then we can see these teenagers or adults after that they become like wild animals on the roads, streets, offices, houses….etc. Because they haven’t any polite modest manners from home. Then the people in communities, authorities scream and say always there are serious sexual abuses nowadays and the police must arrest the criminals; then the judges make many different sessions for the criminals; many solicitors attend the trials, at the end, the criminals are imprisoned. But the sexual abuses don’t stop. So, if the parents can take some lessons in mental health to learn how to bring up their kids so good, Sure, we will see these problems will decrease more. Also, the governments should be so serious and brave with these parents to encourage them how to bring up their kids well and make them have lessons in mental health centres. Also, the churches and mosques have serious responsibilities to teach the parents that sexual abuses in Christian and Islam religions are a serious sin and make God be angry. Then the parents will teach their kids what they learnt in Churches and mosques.


Nowadays, we see many of teenagers not only adults are addicting the drugs and alcohols; then we can see their behaviours are so dangerous in the societies because they make many different crimes like sexual abuses or murder. I think also the police and mental health centres can’t alone solve these serious problems, but the parents and schools have serious responsibilities to make the kids how to avoid addicting drugs and alcohols. They can teach them the dangers of drugs and alcohols not only for the health but also the behaviour. The governments should encourage the schools more and more by following all the schools and providing them all what they need to make the kids be the best in the societies.