Your soul is more precious than all the money in the biggest bank around the world if you commit suicide because of poverty or cheating your girl / boyfriend or hatred of bad people or unemployed or cruelty of parents or failure in exams.

Sure, there is a good solution for any problem in the life if we are ready to think well about how to create a solution gradually without rushing or killing the mind.

What are the benefits of the words TRY AND ATTEMPT if you think about suicide?

What are the benefits of the words THINK AND TOLERATE if you think about suicide?

Why does GOD create the mind if you think about suicide?

Why do the countries build the mental health centres if you think about suicide?

From the simple information above, sure we will know that the mind plays the main essential role in the life.


SUICIDE is someone decided to end his/her own life. They often think about it is the best way to escape from pains or sufferings in life.

***How to protect yourself from the suicide.

In order to prevent the suicide, you must: –

1-Create and build the best people around you.

A-You should spend lovely time with the family members and relatives you like.

B-You should attend the events you like in your area.

C-You can support the people who need your help by working as a volunteer in an organisation or charity.

D-You should create and build more new good friends around you.

E-You can spend good time in a library near to you.

G-If you can travel in trips with good friends, it will be good.

2-You must go to the nearest mental health centre and talk with a counsellor or psychotherapist or psychologist frankly what you feel. You must attend many sessions in mental health centre till you feel you are so normal.

3- Don’t live alone and not to isolate yourself at any time. You must live with the people who like you and you like them. Then, you will feel the life is the best by our mind and hands too.