In mental health centres around the world have many thousands of teenagers and adults who addicted the drugs.

I am hardly crying loudly when I see mother and father cry sadly because their kids addicted drugs .They remember the beauty of the kids when they were in young age; they were jumping, smiling, laughing, joking , hugging and kissing them kindly most of the time every day; they made the life be a paradise, but after they became teenagers or adults, they addicted the drugs; the life changed into a horrible hell all the time.

When you see this hell of these families, you will support my opinion, if the addiction is a creature, we must kill him in a public area in order to make the life of these families be happy and protect the other families too.

Sure, the drug dealers kill the teenagers and adults every day, but the parents can protect their kids how to be healthy and avoid buying the drugs. Then, the drug dealers will not find clients.

Let’s discuss this horrible issue in our life nowadays hoping this post make many families be more careful of following their kids most of the time. I hope also after reading the symptoms and causes of substance abuse, all the societies know well it is easy to protect their kids well from the young age to be healthy, smart and beautiful forever.


They are

1-Bizzare behaviour.


3-Lung pains.

4-Abnormal signs in heart rate and blood pressure.

5-Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach pains.

6-Frequent hangovers.


  1. The worst friends

The worst friends make the cute smart beautiful kids be drug abuse easily and quickly. The worst friends feel happier when they make the cute kids be drug abuse. So, I hope I can scream loudly in the sky to make all the families around the world hear me ,I will call them ‘’ please, please, please advise your kids how to choose the best friends, then check their friends without annoying your kids in order to be in peace more.

2-Cruel parents

Some of parents are so cruel with their kids and they don’t feel their horrible cruelty will destroy their kids because the kids easily will be drug use to forget the cruelty of the parents. Unfortunately, after the kids become drug abuse, it is easy to commit suicide because the kids feel everything in life at home and out is a hell.

So, I beg the cruel parents to change their behaviour soon and must be kind with their kids under any conditions and must be the kindest adviser and parent to protect your kids and you will be the happiest parent when you see your kids become adults and married ; then you will feel the real happiness more when you carry your grands and play with them.

3-Poor achievement at school

The parents must not blame or shout at the kids because of poor achievement in order not to be drug abuse quickly. You must encourage and help your kids more by growing the confidence that they can succeed and achieve the greatest success easily; you can show to them some videos of scientists or famous stars they were poor in achievement at school. You must teach them that the failure is the best lesson to learn how to succeed and achieve the best grade and sucess.


In mental health, the depression is an easy cause to the kids to be drug abuse. So, the parents must be close to their kids most of the time. If they feel that their kids suffer from any mental disorder, they must go to the nearest mental health centre or psychotherapist or counsellor or psychologist to help your kids and protect them more how to be healthy.

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