Sometimes some of us feel the life is so cruel and others feel it is the cruellest when a member of family dies. This member was the beautiful flower in the family; he /she was the beauty and sweetness of home. I know the family bereavement is the cruellest blow in our life because we lose the beloved kindest heart who was making the life happy most of the time.

I felt this cruellest blow when I was in my office and received a call informing me that my older brother 58 age died. I felt my mind stopped thinking; my eyes see only darkness most of the time; my body shivers; my eyes flows tears without control; I felt I can’t talk that my tongue can’t move in my mouth; I wanted to scream loudly to get out my bitter sadness but I felt my body was tied; I hear voices around my desk; many people get into my room; I look at them but I felt my mind has paralysis; I can’t talk ; all hug me and my eyes don’t stop tearing all time; I see only my brother when he was taking me to the cinema to watch comedy or tragic films; he was taking me to the biggest stadium to watch football match; he was taking me to the best restaurants to eat together; I see him when he was taking me to the best shops to buy the best clothes and shoes; I see only him when I was playing football with him and my friends and cousins; I see only him when he was carrying me on his shoulders rushing to the private clinic to find a doctor when I was sick; I see only him when he was putting the food on my desk  when I was a student in secondary school and university.

Really, I don’t want to talk much about this bereavement in order not to make my readers be sad much time. I insisted to write the above lines to show that the family bereavement can make different mental disorders easily.

So, I hope all societies, communities, friends and relative help any family suffers from bereavement.

So, let’s discuss more in simple information about the family bereavement and the mental health.


The bereavement is losing the person we like and make our world upside down In short time; the grief lasts much time because the death of beloved person is the worst loss.



We appreciate that death of loved one is the cruellest blow in life; but everyone on the planet earth knows that the death is real and we must embrace the life again to go on before the serious grief can affect more the mind and make many different diseases. Step by step until to react with our work again; then the life will continue, and we will remember the best memories of who lost in our life.


I advise anyone has a family bereavement, he/she must not be alone, and she/ he must spend much time with friends, family, relatives to find the emotional support in this serious time.

Also, I advise to go to a psychotherapist or counsellor or psychologist to support you much time.

3. Talk

You should express your feelings most of the time and not to be silent all the time because the serious grief will occupy you and affect your mind easily. In order to avoid mental disorders, no problem to talk with you like .I know your eyes will tear some of time, that is healthy and now worries about that because you express your real feelings and gradually you will go on life again to achieve what you dream for you and your family.