Sometimes, some of us focus on a goal or many goals for only themselves and ignore their friends, maybe family members, communities and societies. Unfortunately, maybe they don’t feel or know it is a wrong life because they live in the inferiority or superiority complex, then they will have many mental disorders.

Let’s discuss this issue in simple information.

Adler stressed the importance of social interest and community feeling as a measure of mental health. Socialisation, which begins in childhood, gives a sense of belonging and of contributing to society. Individuals that have a strong sense of empathy and community feeling are more likely to overcome their feelings of inferiority.

Humans are social animals; we exist with others and need others to survive. Adler argued that social concern is neither just inborn nor learned, but a combination of both.  It is based on an innate disposition but has to be nurtured to survive.  Young children will show sympathy for others without being taught to do so.  Also, children can be cruel and selfish.  They may know what hurts people because they know what could hurt them.Adler did not mean social interest as a form of extraversion, i.e. being open, friendly, back slapping etc.  Adler argued for social concern in the broader sense of caring for your family, your community, society and life.  Social concern is being useful to others. Adler argued that a lack of social concern is a sign of mental ill-health.  People who are seen as failures e.g. suicides, perverts, psychotics, are failures as they lack social interest.  Their goal is their personal superiority and their triumphs only have meaning for themselves.

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