What are Developmental and Interactive Expressions of Behaviour?


Our behaviour is
largely a consequence of our past (childhood) experience, or whether it is
influenced primarily by our present circumstances.

Freud and others of the
psychoanalytical school emphasise childhood experiences as critical factors in
determining our behaviour. These include influences from the past, such as how
we were parented or past psychological traumas. They also include the
experiences that a child normally passes through during its development, such as
learning that a mother’s absence is not permanent each time she leaves the
room, or the hormonal changes experienced by a teenager. All of these are
called developmental influences on behaviour, and the main question is:

What experiences in the person’s past or at the present stage of development are causing this behaviour?

Other theorists emphasise the influence of a person’s current experience
on their behaviour. These theorists focus on interactive explanations of behaviour which consider present trends
in the…

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