What is Psychoanalytical approach and behaviour?


One of the most familiar and influential approaches to human
behaviour is psychoanalysis, developed by Sigmund Freud. Freud based his
theories upon intensive case studies of a considerable range of patients.

Psychoanalysis focuses on unconscious mental activities.
According to Freud, much of the individual’s observable behaviour is influenced
by wishes, desires or fears which the individual has learned to suppress
because they are not socially acceptable. As a child develops, it learns that
some feelings and desires are unacceptable hence, these wishes, desires and
fears are buried deep in the mind, leading to the development of the
unconscious. According to Freud, these
unconscious impulses still find expression through dreams, fantasies, slips of
the tongue, symptoms of mental illness, as well as in artistic expression, with
an individual’s psychological history playing an immense role in particular
behaviour patterns.

All of the approaches discussed adhere firmly to the
scientific principles of objectivity…

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