1-Friendships may demise due to less frequency of contact often due to geographical location. They may also lapse if ‘rules’ of confidentiality, emotional and psychological support, reward and jealousy are breached.

2-Intimate relationships may be unable to withstand the amount of conflict that can arise. In unhappy relationships minor comments can escalate into ever-increasing angry comments. 

There is a breakdown in communication.  Typical facilitators of conflict are infidelity, alcohol, money and in-laws.

Response to breakdown might include depression, and it is usually the one who does not wish to end the relationship that feels more depressed.

Sometimes a partner will incorporate a biased account of events  into their  self-concept  that enables them to feel stronger.  It may, however, be damaging in the long term. Often men will try to preserve their self-esteem by putting more energy into their work.  

They do not, however, seem to express themselves emotionally to friends and colleagues to the extent that women do and can end up repressing their feelings, resulting in further difficulties down the track. Women are more likely to release their burdens, but with there is an increasing number of women in the work force who may offload their problems at work which then also becomes a source of stress.

Changes in lifestyles and finance might result, and involve partners seeking new social identities.