It is so useful to know simple important information about depression symptoms to know how to be healthy and happy in the life.

They are:

-1- Mood symptoms

These include feelings of hopelessness, isolation, sadness, worthlessness and dejection.   Also, there is loss of pleasure and gratification in life, and activities that formally brought pleasure are viewed as dull and meaningless.

-2- Cognitive symptoms

These include negative thoughts, a sense of hopelessness and pessimism about their current situation and the future.  There are also thoughts about self-loathing, self-blame, inadequacy and low self-esteem.

-3- Motivational symptoms

Everything seems like too much effort and in extreme cases even speech may slow down.

4-Physical Manifestations

These include tiredness, fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite  and libido,  and disrupted  sleep patterns.

Once again, an individual may not have all of these symptoms, but is likely to have some form or combination of them.