WHAT IS The Development of Family Therapy?


Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy. It
involves members of a family and is usually conducted by a pair or team of
therapists. In many situations, the pair of therapists will be one male and one
female to treat gender related issues and act as a role model to family
members. We will discuss more on family
therapy in later lessons, but in this lesson we will consider how and why
family therapy developed.

After World War II, doctors treating schizophrenic
patients noticed that patients’ families tended to communicated in disturbed
ways. They also found that the patients’
symptoms increased or decreased according to the level of tension between their
parents. This led to the observation that a family is an organism or system
with its own rules, patterns of functioning and the tendency to resist
change. As a result of this observation,
the therapists began to treat the…

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