WHAT IS THE Multicultural Family Therapy IN MENTAL HEALTH?


actively work to understand the diverse cultural background of the clients with
whom they work, and do not condone or engage in discrimination based on age,
colour, culture, ethnicity, disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation,
marital, or socio-economic status.

families, for example, are socialised to have a strong sense of family or familism,
so to discount the importance of the family in family therapy would be
counterproductive to the counselling process.

It is
therefore important to consider the family as a whole, not just the person with
the issue. It is only relatively
recently that there has been ethnic specific counselling in theory and
practice. We are all cultural beings
and being aware of our culture and our cultural development is important. As
individuals we are all shaped by our family, social influences and so on, who
reinforced our world view, norms and behaviours and limit our openness to

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